Business Strategy

We serve in México and abroad to a large number of distributors and end-users and have achieved long-term relationships based primarily on two of our main strengths:

  • Prompt delivery (just in time).

  • The most complete inventory.

We carry high inventory levels at our 18 locations and have established regular supply programs with the major steelmakers in México, as well as some important producers from the United States, Europe and Asia; allowing us to offer immediate delivery in 98% of the approximately 1500 products from our catalog and offering a competitive delivery time on those products that are not on stock, or that do not appear in our catalogue.

For delivering the orders to our customers we have a large fleet of transportation units ranging from 5 to 35 metric ton. capacity. We have also established strategic alliances with freight carriers with excellent reputation who allow us to deliver our products on time all over the country.

We maintain close relationships with the major steelmakers in Mexico and abroad assuring the supply of a large variety of products all the time.