Fortacero was born in 1996 as the result of the merger of two companies founded in 1965 and 1991 respectively dedicated to the sale of structural steel profiles and to the processing and sale of products such as hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheets.

Today our headquarters are located in Apodaca within the metropolitan area of Monterrey, NL Mexico and having 18 locations throughout the country in México City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Mexicali, Hermosillo, Saltillo, Torreón, Laguna, San Luís Potosí, León, Querétaro, Veracruz, Puebla, Culiacan, Chihuahua, Mérida and Aguascalientes. This geographic coverage allows us to promptly fulfill the requirements of our customers anywhere in the country in a very short time. 

  • 1965 Corrugados y Estructurales was founded.

  • 1991 Aceros Santa Rosa was founded.

  • 1993 Opening Branch México.

  • Both companies merge and Fortacero is founded in 1996.

  • 1999 Opening Fortacero Guadalajara.

  • 2002 Certification ISO 9001:2000 in our Headquarters

  • 2005 acquires ACEROPLAZA and opens 4 new locations in Mexico: Torreón, Saltillo, Leon and Queretaro

  • 2006 Opening Fortacero Veracruz.

  • 2008 Opening Fortacero Tijuana.

  • 2011 Opening Fortacero San Luís Potosí.

  • 2012 Opening Fortacero Mexicali.

  • 2013 Opening Fortacero Hermosillo.

  • 2016 Opening Fortacero México, Los Reyes.

  • 2017 Certification ISO 9001:2015 in our Headquarters

  • 2017 Start of our Steel Tube Mill production

  • 2018 Opening Fortacero Puebla.

  • 2019 Opening Fortacero Culiacan.

  • 2019 Opening Fortacero Chihuahua.

  • 2021 Opening Fortacero Mérida.

  • 2021 Opening Fortacero Aguascalientes

We constantly strive to remain the best option for our customers in terms of quality and assortment of materials.